It's Your First Class! Congrats! In order to get you all squared away, please arrive 5 minutes prior to your first class.  Not to worry, we are a small studio, you will be greeted by your instructor as you enter.  Please do not bring the weather or streets inside with you, bring extra boots if it is snowy outside :-)

Injuries, they suck, but we can work with them. We all live hard and fast and accidents happen - we get it. In order to give the best modifications for you, we need to be aware of your injuries or physical limitations. Please tell the instructor prior to the class of any injuries you have.

Cell phones in the studio. Nobody likes to be interrupted by a cell phone. We ask that prior to attending a class, all cell phones must be turned to silent, and placed with your belongings

Late arrivals.  Life happens, and you are welcome to come in to class no matter how late you are :-)

Late and no show policy. There is no policy for life's happenings.  If you can't make your class, kindly let us know via text or online, just so that we are aware.

Age limitations. Participants under 14 years must be accompanied by an adult, unless it is a kids' class and the ages are specified.  Children of participants are welcome in the gym, please bring enough to keep them occupied and out of harms' way.  Whining and crying from kiddos can be distracting, so please do all that you can to keep them occupied.  And, Holly is not afraid to remind the kiddos when they're out of