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6A M/W/F Boot Camp w/ TRX

8A - T/Th TRX Edge Boot Camp

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Class Descriptions:

Offfered periodically throughout the year 6 Week TRX BOOT CAMP: Born in the Navy Seals, the TRX suspension trainer is a  piece of equipment that builds functional strength, flexibility, balance and core stability all at same time. When your body is suspended, your center of gravity tries to get as close to the ground as possible. The TRX uses gravity and movement to force your body to adapt and do extra work. This extra work is through neuromuscular responses to the instability the TRX is creating.

Our Regular Classes:

Barefoot Balance Training…this class is designed to improve balance, posture and strength – all while creating a strong core and glutes from the ground up.

Body Conditioning Circuit…this is a functional fitness class that integrates agility, core conditioning, dynamic flexibility, and total body strength by utilizing full body movements and functional exercises and putting them into a circuit where exercise are carried out at timed intervals.  Stations can be modified for anyone from a novice to the more advance exerciser.

Body Tune Up…during this class we will work on improving posture, stability, mobility, strength, and flexibility through the body’s fascia and respiratory systems.  The exercises in this class will not only enhance your current workout regimen, but if you are experiencing pain in the back, shoulders, hips or even the feet give this class a try.  In this class we will teach you how to engage the deep muscles of the body that help us stay stable and help us to move efficiently.  This class can help strengthen those weak links in the body that cause aches and pains in our joints. 

Edge Boot Camp…looking for a challenge, then this is the class for you! This class will incorporate more advanced, challenging exercises to really get you moving. This class is for the advanced exerciser (When listed "with TRX" plan on learning a few new TRX moves that will be incorporated into the Boot Camp!)

Get Fit Boot Camp…this class will introduce you to a boot camp style of training.  The boot camp exercises will be challenging, yet manageable.

HIIT…stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  During this class, we will utilize a variety of equipment (jump ropes, bodyweight exercises, suspension trainers, etc) to keep that cardiovascular system strong and help you burn fat long after class is finished.

Be Active Kids’ Boot Camp…this class offers a good foundation for active kids 5-14 years old.   It will challenge them both physically and mentally while helping to prepare their bodies to move better and potentially prevent future injuries.

Spinning Program Classes

Recovery Spin…recovery is an essential part of any exercise program.  By Balancing high intensity exercise with easy to moderate recovery rides, the body has an opportunity to heal, repair and rest.  It is a way to prevent overtraining, burnout and fitness plateaus. 

Endurance Spin…endurance rides build the all-important aerobic base and help to improve fat metabolism.  In this zone, riders maintain a steady heart rate and comfortable pace over longer distances and extended periods of time.

Strength Spin…strength rides improve cardiovascular fitness and builds muscular power by training in the anaerobic zone.

Interval Spin…intervals push the body to perform at peak fitness levels and recover quickly.  Rides in this zone emphasize speed, tempo, timing and rhythm in a variety of movements including quick pedaling on flats, acceleration drills and jumps.

Hybrid Spin Classes…in these classes half the class will be devoted to Spinning and the other half of class will be devoted to another type of workout (for example core, circuit or yoga).

Spinning program

We are a certified Spinning Studio, we train in the Spinning Energy Zones and we have a LOT of fun doing it!

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