At Cutting Edge we are interested in your overall wellness.

Don’t get me wrong, we love to exercise, but when it comes to a lifestyle, we want to begin this journey with you.

Becoming active can be a lifestyle change for many of us, Cutting Edge understands that we all must begin somewhere.  We are happy to help you do just that.  Start Where you are, Do what you can with What you have.


What matters to us is that you find a way to be well that works for you and that you can maintain for life. 

It is great to have goals and we encourage setting those goals. 

But we also want you to have dreams! 
When we dream, we tend to think of things that are outside of our realm of achievement. 
I encourage you to think of things that you may otherwise just toss aside.  

And, that’s where we come in because Dreams don’t work unless YOU do.

Whether you need a guided introduction to becoming active
or you would like to have the body you had in your 20’s….we can help!

At Cutting Edge we are a family.  It is one of factors that sets our gym apart.  We strive to maintain an environment of support and encouragement.   What sets us apart from other gyms is our attention to each member.  We want you to help you become active again, or if you are active, we'll help you reach your full potential!

We keep our class sizes small so that we can give each member the time and instruction that is vital to the client being able to maintain a fitness program.

We welcome all shapes and sizes at CEF, We laugh A LOT.  We Sweat A LOT.  Work at your own level and pace, we will modify any workout or exercise.  Whether it is your first fitness class ever, or you are a true gymrat, you are welcome at CEF.  It is like no other gym.