Ever tried a Spinning class?  If yes, then you know what an amazing workout it is, and you are probably looking for a little more information regarding the Spinning Program at Cutting Edge.  If you have never been to a Spinning class, then you are also in the right place!  You'll find a link to the schedule below, where you can also book online to take a class at CEF.

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Schedule of Classes

We follow the Energy Zone Workouts as outlined below...these descriptions will help you choose your workouts.  All of the workouts are individually written by our instructors and the music is chosen by us as well.  
The design of the workout is where the Energy Zones come in to play.


Rest assured that at CEF, we maintain the integrity of the Spinning program, and while you may have attended other Spinning classes in other towns or states, integrity is important to us.  Therefore you will not find any "fads" or "trends" within our Spinning workouts.  We work your heart and body and if you cannot do it on a real bike then we will not be doing it at CEF on our Spinners.  

We would love to have your buns on our bikes, take a chance, you won't regret taking a Spinning Class....promise.